Thank You for Giving

Your support is appreciated!

The Cowboy Church of Ennis is just folks walking together through life as a family.
We are financially supported through your tax deductible gifts and offerings.
If you are able, and would like to give toward this mission, providing truth from God’s Word
to the World who desperately needs it, you may give online through the link provided below.
Your gifts make this outreach possible… and the fruit of this ministry is yours.

Give Online Here

We give so that everyone may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, and never have to walk alone.
May God richly bless you, as you bless others, through the ministries of the Cowboy Church of Ennis!


Cash & Checks

Please make any checks payable to Cowboy Church of Ennis.
You may send a check by mail to  the Cowboy Church of Ennis Finance Team at the address below:

Cowboy Church of Ennis
Attention: Finance Team
P.O. Box 1381
Ennis, TX 75120